Insider Threat Program:
The New Must-Have for Your Security Strategy.

When 25% of all system breaches involve internal threat actors, the
problem is too prevalent to ignore.


Trust: the foundation of successful cybersecurity.

Learn how we combine higher thinking with deeper
experience to offer unparalleled peace of mind.


Demand more than ‘scan–and-canned’ reports.

Start with a comprehensive penetration test, designed
for your business.

Cyber Security Services

In a world of ever-evolving threats, it gets tougher by the day for organizations to sidestep every possible attack. To react to today’s problems and proactively anticipate tomorrow’s, it takes a whole new set of rules. It’s why our services are designed to meet your challenges from every possible angle.

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When cybersecurity protocol are a shifting target, timely insights from experts matter all the more. Read about the trends, threats, and attacks that are at the forefront of industry leaders’ minds – and the ones that should be.

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Penetration Testing: A Practical Guide for Selecting a Vendor


Insider Threat Program: Prevent Pervasive Insider Threats


GRA Quantum Helps CISO Overhaul Cyber Security Program


Our Approach

It’s no surprise organizations are resorting to reactionary defenses amid the pressure of shifting targets, expanding cyber-weapons, and a relentless bevy of amateur hackers and sophisticated nation-states. Their shortfall in defenses isn’t simply due to a lack of resources or technology. The problem is more complex: the standard cyber-defense playbook comes up short.

We exist because it takes a whole new set of rules to respond to today’s problems and anticipate tomorrow’s solutions. It requires a team experienced in the highest echelons of the private sector and government intelligence – a team comprised of people who care deeply about protecting society. And it demands a holistic understanding of the technical, physical, and human elements behind security threats.

With GRA Quantum, you gain the foresight and expertise of an extraordinary cybersecurity ally you can trust with today’s security and tomorrow’s reputation.

Valued Relationships

Our partners and the cybersecurity community both put absolute trust in those they work with. And every day, it’s our mission to maintain that trust with our depth of experience, forward thinking, and unwavering priorities.

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