Helping a Small Firm Facing Large Threats Gain Visibility into Their Security Posture

A small media firm housing sensitive data required high visibility into their security readiness, but was left in the dark with their former managed security services provider (MSSP). Burdened with alert overload, the firm feared they were missing critical insights and knew they needed to find a trusted security partner, not a passive vendor.



Company Details:

< 100 Employees


• Keep staff focused on business initiatives with security outsourced to trusted provider

• Gain visibility into security posture


Managed Security Services & Staff Augmentation


• Improved security stance through increased threat visibility and actionable recommendations
• Received peace of mind with trusted security partner

The Challenge

Although the firm was spending money on an MSSP, they had no idea what their greatest threats were and received no recommendations on how to improve their security stance. In fact, after implementation, the firm rarely heard from their former MSSP at all. Instead, they were overloaded with alerts, false positives, and unusable information.

Without a team dedicated to security or IT, sifting through these alerts took valuable time and energy away from the firm’s staff, leaving little time to focus on the business at hand. The firm knew this increased the chance of overlooking a valuable insight that could leave their data vulnerable. What the firm needed was tuned alerts, with context and actionable recommendations.

The Solution

In hopes of finding a true security partner that could provide visibility into their threats and deliver actionable advice, the firm turned to GRA Quantum. From onboarding, the firm was impressed with the frequency of communication they received with GRA Quantum, both through an assigned Customer Success Manager and direct access to GRA Quantum’s Security Operations Center (SOC) Analysts. GRA Quantum’s technology-agnostic approach also saved the firm from having to “rip and replace” technologies they had already invested in.

The firm appreciated that GRA Quantum offered comprehensive managed security services (MSS), as well as staff augmentation services through a professional services retainer. In addition to receiving 24/7 management, monitoring, and alerting, the firm also engaged GRA Quantum for professional services such as technology implementation, firewall management and monitoring, and email administration.


The Outcome

With regularly delivered reports and a team available for questions around-the-clock, the firm now has the visibility they need to make improvements to their overall security program.

Additionally, the firm’s staff now has time to focus on their regular job duties, all while trusting their sensitive data is in good hands. For a small firm with no dedicated IT or security staff, GRA Quantum has successfully augmented their staff, acting as a trusted security partner.

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Helping a Small Firm Facing Large Threats Gain Visibility into Their Security Posture

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