Helping One of the Largest US Retailers Keep Customer Data Secure

Some of the biggest names in retail have experienced monumental data breaches exposing private customer data, generating negative headlines in the media and creating detrimental consequences to brand equity.



Company Details:

Privately-owned retail corporation with over 400,000 employees, spanning 2000+ locations


Secure infrastructure to protect customer data


Penetration Testing


  • Mitigated risk of data breach through recommendations
  • Avoided damage to reputation

The Challenge

A large retailer unaware of their greatest vulnerabilities feared that without proper security measures in place, they risked exposing their wide base of customer data and irreparable damage to their brand.


The Solution

In an effort to stand behind their promise to put customers first, a privately held company reached out to GRA Quantum to test the vulnerabilities of their visible external-facing endpoints.


GRA Quantum designed a custom penetration test for the retailer and began testing their endpoints.  Due to the high volume of traffic that retailers often face, a penetration testing engagement in this industry has to be designed flexibly.  Seasonal shopping habits and campaigns cause both planned and unplanned traffic spikes that can impact a penetration engagement. GRA Quantum was able to quickly pause their penetration testing engagement at the client’s request, and immediately continue when it was most favorable for the client.


The Outcome

GRA Quantum’s tailored penetration test engagement exposed a couple of high-risk vulnerabilities. However, with the specific and usable recommendations provided by GRA Quantum, the retailer was able to quickly secure their infrastructure to prevent attacks against their client base. This resulted in thwarting potential attacks that could expose customer data and diminish the retailer’s valuable brand equity.

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Helping One of the Largest US Retailers Keep Customer Data Secure

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