Evaluating the network defenses of a promising biotech company seeking VC funding

A cutting-edge biotechnology startup wishes to expand its thriving business and seeks the next round of necessary venture capital funding.




  • Satisfy necessary security requirements in order to gain funding to expand


Network Security & Architecture Review


  • Received necessary venture capital funding to expand
  • Secured an additional multi-million-dollar investment of capital soon after

The Challenge

In order to gain the required funding, the company must comply with its investors’ requirements.  As instructed by the board of directors, the company executives need to enlist a third-party threat and vulnerability assessment of their network security posture.


The Solution

To help strengthen the company’s network footprint, the client commissioned GRA Quantum to identify weaknesses in its network security architecture, policy, procedures, and design, as well as its device configuration and tools.

GRA Quantum technicians began their assessment by examining vulnerabilities on the client’s external facing (Internet accessible) infrastructure. Our engineers carried out tests to identify and exploit network and host-based weaknesses, and also tested the physical perimeter of the client’s wireless network.

They then conducted a thorough review of the client’s use of encryption and authentication, as well as a search for rogue access points and a review access point configuration.


The Outcome

GRA Quantum consultants packaged the findings in a detailed report that classified the discoveries and recommendations according to priority levels of Severe, Critical, Moderate, and Low.  This report allowed the client to address the most pressing needs first while prioritizing the remaining recommendations for future action.

As a result of this assessment and the detailed recommendations, the client not only satisfied its funding requirements, but also secured an additional multi-million-dollar investment of capital soon after.

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