Adding physical security to a fellow cyber firm’s information security strategy

A major US cybersecurity firm routinely sweeps its offices as part of physical security practices.




• Ensure security of offices




• Secured Environment
• Increased peace of mind

The Challenge

With major investments into proprietary research and regular investigations into the sources of some of the world’s most sophisticated cyberattacks, the firm is particularly concerned about security in the offices of its senior executives.

The Solution

The client hires GRA Quantum’s TSCM experts to sweep several of its domestic offices, including those of some of its senior executives. With over a dozen unique tools at their disposal, our technicians conducted a thorough analysis of the signals populating the target offices searching for any anomalies.

The Outcome

After a comprehensive sweep, GRA Quantum ultimately concluded the office was free of unwanted surveillance devices.

Impressed by GRA Quantum’s state-of-the-art equipment, meticulous investigation, and friendly customer service, the client ultimately decided to reengage our services for future sweeps. Recognizing the importance of regular counter surveillance sweeps, senior executives of the client have since incorporated periodic TSCM inspections into their annual budget and security protocol and have retained GRA Quantum to conduct these subsequent sweeps.

Our client now has a secure environment in which they can conduct high-level meetings and execute sensitive deals. This peace of mind that comes with security has proven invaluable to their work.

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