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GRA Names New President of GRA Quantum

By September 22, 2016 Quantum in the News

New York, NY – Global Risk Advisors is pleased to announce that Thomas Boyden will assume the title and responsibilities of President of GRA Quantum effective immediately. Tom has served as Managing Director of GRA Quantum’s Silicon Valley office since the Quantum entity was founded last December.

In his new role, Tom will be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of GRA Quantum, as well as providing overall strategic guidance as the company continues to grow amid an ever-evolving cyber threat landscape. As President, Tom will continue to crisscross the country, leveraging his experience and partnerships gleaned in his time in public service and as Managing Director to generate new opportunities and partnerships.

Tom remarked, “I’m so proud of the tremendous work that Quantum has done in just a few short months, and can’t wait to keep building on that progress. This is a tremendous chance for us to continue to forge our reputation as peerless in the field of cybersecurity.”

“This isn’t just a promotion for Tom – though it’s still one that’s richly deserved – but it’s indicative of the kind of growth for the Quantum entity that we never could have imagined just a few months ago,” commented Founder and CEO Kevin Chalker. “Elevating Tom to the role of President is a crucial step in moving the company in the direction we’re trying to go.”

Tom joined Global Risk Advisors in 2014 following an accomplished career in the US Government where he served in various overseas posts developing strategies and working with partners to mitigate cyber and other security threats. Tom is an alumnus of University of Utah and received his Master of Arts from the Escuela Diplomatica de Madrid.


GRA Quantum is a pioneering information security firm founded upon the belief that every organization has the right to keep their data private and secure. Our mission is to build close partnerships with our clients, serving them not as just a vendor, but as trusted advisors helping them to build effective, proactive plans. Our focus is always on both the technical and human elements within an organization. We believe in comprehensive strategies designed to harden networks, deflect attackers, and rapidly recover from any accidents. As technology progresses, so too do our tactics, ensuring our experts are always prepared to serve forward-looking leaders eager to stay ahead of emerging threats. GRA Quantum is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Global Risk Advisors.


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