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GRA Quantum Appoints Senior Director of Integrated Security Solutions

By August 21, 2018 Company News

Our team at GRA Quantum would like to congratulate Bart Holzer on his well-deserved promotion to Sr. Director of Integrated Security Solutions.  Bart has been with GRA Quantum since 2016 and has been a driving force in our success.

“We are very excited to have Bart step into this role with increased responsibility and leadership,” said Tom Boyden, President of GRA Quantum. “He’s a key member of our team who will continue to play an instrumental role in our growth.”

In his new role, Bart will primarily be focused on developing comprehensive security solutions for our clients by pulling resources together from across GRA Quantum, the client, and our network of partners and vendors.

“Security companies struggle to maintain the necessary expertise, so customers are often left relying on multiple security vendors to protect their employees and businesses,” explained Bart. “I’ll be bringing the best minds together to develop a world-class, layered, complete solution for our clients.”

With the increasingly complex threat landscape, Bart knows he has a challenge ahead of him.  However, he readily takes on this challenge, excited to provide our clients the peace of mind that allows them to stay focused and succeed in their roles.

In line with GRA Quantum’s approach to security, Bart will be concentrating on the convergence of the physical, cyber, and human elements of security.  “These elements are not separate or siloed,” offered Bart. “I think we will continue to see convergence of the physical and cyber security domains with human security elements affecting each.”

When not at work, Bart is kept busy at home as a happily married father of four, including a set of twins.  He’s currently in the process of planning the next “epic” family vacation.

We are grateful to have Bart at GRA Quantum and look forward to the solutions he will bring to our team and our clients.

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