GRA Quantum Features Sr. Director of Customer Success

Merced FityanAs our customer base continues to grow, it’s become clear to our team at GRA Quantum that we need a force to ensure our customer’s satisfaction.  We’re excited to say that we have found just that in Merced Fityan, our Sr. Director of Customer Success.

With over 10 years of experience in both the private and public sector cyber threat landscape, Merced has the necessary knowledge and skillset to empathize with our clients and help them succeed.

Merced will be primarily responsible for creating and leading a customer success program for our clients.  She will be driving customer satisfaction and loyalty by ensuring that our clients  are satisfied with GRA Quantum services.

Merced looks forward to helping our clients realize the many ways that GRA Quantum can assist them.

“So many people don’t realize how vulnerable they are,” explained Merced.  “Then, if they do, they are often unsure of the best way to protect themselves.  We get to bring them peace of mind.”

Merced will work closely with other departments and the leadership at GRA Quantum to develop the best-in-class processes in order to ensure we are providing maximum value to our clients.

Having visited over 35 countries, it is no wonder Merced is apt in communicating and working with a variety of different clients.  She loves learning about different cultures and always has international travel plans.  In addition to traveling, Merced enjoys spending her free time dancing and participating in water sports.

Merced’s expertise and passion will be a critical ingredient in our growth.

“I’m excited to see what GRA Quantum will accomplish in three, six, even nine months,” said Merced. “There is so much potential for our area of expertise that truly the sky is the limit in what we can achieve.”