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GRA Quantum Launches a Human-Centric Insider Threat Program

GRA Quantum brings a new, comprehensive approach to insider threat prevention, designed to defend against today’s most prevalent threats.

​Global cyber security firm GRA Quantum announces the launch of its Insider Threat Program. In response to frequent client requests, GRA Quantum has conducted insider threat investigations as a supplement to its incident response and forensics services; offering the stand-alone service is new to the organization.

According to GRA Quantum’s President Tom Boyden, “We’ve created this program as a response to growing requests from clients to implement effective insider threat initiatives into their cyber security and human-resource strategies. At Quantum, we believe that a truly comprehensive approach to security lies in understanding technical, physical, and human elements behind sophisticated threats – and our Insider Threat Program is designed to do just that.”

Former CIA counterintelligence officer John Poirier will lead the program. Poirier, a graduate of Georgetown University and recipient of the CIA’s Career Intelligence Service medal, brings decades of experience in counterintelligence, an extensive background of using technical and cyber resources, and skills in building risk management and threat strategies to the Insider Threat Program.

Poirier shares, “As vital as behavioral analytic and cyber intrusion programs are, the technology designed to monitor network activity and detect threats is reactive, limited in its scope and transitory. Increasingly sophisticated malicious actors in and outside a company are always seeking new ways to evade detection. A more proactive approach starts with better hiring practices and teaching those you hire how to spot a possible threat and avoid inadvertently becoming one. A truly effective program is designed to do both and this is what we offer. Our clients need to trust that their data is protected, and we recommend our Insider Threat Program as a critical part of a company’s cyber security strategy.”

In conjunction with the launch of the Insider Threat Program, Quantum experts will be conducting complimentary security assessments for interested parties. Most organizations find that they already have many of the items in place to implement an effective insider threat program.