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GRA Quantum in the New York Times

By September 15, 2017 Quantum in the News

By now you’ve seen the headlines on the Equifax data breach. And while we work diligently to help our clients avoid appearing in security headlines of their own, we don’t shy away from sharing our knowledge and expertise when distinguished journalists reach out.

Equifax is another example, among many in the recent news, that throwing money into a cyber security budget fund doesn’t translate into effective cyber defense.

Read more about what we had to say in the recent New York Times article: What We Know and Don’t Know About the Equifax Hack.

 An effective plan begins on a strategic level, and is essential when facing possible nation state attackers (which the motivation and historic trend of the Equifax attack could suggest). If the recent attack has caused you to question the effectiveness of your own security strategy, reach out. We’re here to help. At GRA Quantum, it’s what we do.