GRA Quantum Welcomes Cybersecurity Operations Manager

By September 12, 2018 Company News

Cybersecurity Operations Manager

The employee that possesses the unique set of skills and interests to effectively oversee complex cybersecurity operations is a rare and valuable employee- and we’ve found our unicorn!  We’re excited to introduce Bob Bell, our Cybersecurity Operations Manager.

With over 10 years of experience in project management, professional services, risk mitigation, and fiscal and sales operations to name a few, Bob is the perfect fit for the role.

Bob’s main priority is ensuring that we are achieving our business goals and reaching our profitability targets.  Bob works hard to align team members and resources to increase productivity, efficiency, and accuracy across the organization.

“There are so many moving parts in a business, so it’s easy to have blind spots,” offered Bob. “Fortunately, we have a team of highly skilled professionals that collaborate and work together well.  This brings additional perspective and insight when facing unforeseen obstacles.”

In addition to his project management experience, Bob has long been interested in cybersecurity.  Early in his career, Bob had studied cybersecurity.  Combine this with a passion for analyzing data, identifying trends, and problem-solving and you’ve got Bob, aka the ideal cybersecurity operations manager.

Bob enjoys spending his time outdoors when not in the office.  He grew up rock climbing, skiing, and playing sports- and recently has gotten into hunting.  Coming as no surprise for someone who enjoys challenges, Bob even tried bow hunting for the first time this year.

The efforts Bob has put into facilitating the processes at GRA Quantum have already yielded incredible results and we cannot wait to see what else this unicorn is capable of.

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