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GRA Quantum Welcomes New Director of Global Vulnerability Management

By June 20, 2016 Quantum in the News

New York, NY – GRA Quantum announced on Monday, June 20, Chris Foster will join our team as Director of Global Vulnerability Management. Chris brings to the company 20 years of enterprise cybersecurity experience along with a strong determination to contribute to our mission.

Chris led Verizon Enterprise Services’ ‘Threat and Vulnerability’ team in the US for the last 10 years. As Director of Global Vulnerability Management, he will play an integral role in maintaining GRA Quantum’s service integrity by leading our Threat and Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation team. Chris comments “GRA Quantum has such an exceptionally talented team and I look forward to contributing what I can to help our clients navigate their cybersecurity challenges.”

Founder and CEO Kevin Chalker has called Chris “a valued addition to the team. “Chris brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to our company and we’re excited to see how he can leverage his experience to grow our vulnerability assessment and remediation capabilities,” he added. Kevin hopes to work with Chris to foster GRA Quantum’s dedication to cybersecurity.

About GRA Quantum

GRA Quantum is a pioneering information security firm founded upon the belief that every organization has the right to keep their data private and secure. Our mission is to build close partnerships with our clients, serving them not as just a vendor, but as trusted advisors helping them to build effective, proactive plans. Our focus is always on both the technical and human elements within an organization. We believe in comprehensive strategies designed to harden networks, deflect attackers, and rapidly recover from any accidents. As technology progresses, so too do our tactics, ensuring our experts are always prepared to serve forward-looking leaders eager to stay ahead of emerging threats. GRA Quantum is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Global Risk Advisors.


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