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GRA Quantum Welcomes Project Manager

Filaree Way, Project ManagerWe’re excited to welcome Filaree Way to our GRA Quantum team as Project Manager.  Filaree has 10 years of project management experience in diverse companies with the primary focus being IT, eCommerce and Cybersecurity.

As a Project Manager, Filaree is responsible for communicating the value of our programs to clients and ensuring security projects are delivered on-time and on-budget. A large part of this is identifying security risks and building a program to mitigate these risks, including training programs, regular security assessments and implementing secure IT equipment.

Since most of this work is done behind the scenes, Filaree will be faced with the challenge of helping clients realize the many benefits of these programs after kick-off.

Filaree eagerly takes on this challenge, though.  “I love how dynamic the cybersecurity industry is,” explained Filaree.  “Not only is it constantly changing, but its importance is growing all the time.  There is an unlimited amount of work, and while there are foundational security practices, each business has unique needs that need to be addressed.”

When not at work, Filaree spends her time in the mountains, snowboarding in the winter and hiking and camping come summertime.  She also has a great love of animals and growing plants.  Originally from California, she has learned to appreciate her garden even more now, living in Utah’s cold climate.

We are grateful to have Filaree on our team while we continue to grow.  As the need for GRA Quantum’s services increases, so will the need for Project Managers with her expertise to support the implementation of these services.