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GRA Quantum’s Summer Interns Gain Real-World Experience

Earlier this summer, we welcomed a group of four talented interns to our family at GRA Quantum.  Right from the beginning, this group has shown the type of ambition that our team values.

GRA Quantum summer intern program

The interns- Deyton Henry, Trystan Orr, Jesse Stoltz, and Bashaa’ir Abul-Qasim- are students of Neumont College of Computer Science and will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems at the end of August.

The group has been a valuable asset to our team, working as part-time analysts under the direction of Jen Greulich.

“We’re very lucky to have partnered with a local college to get access to these talented individuals,” offered Jen. “GRA Quantum strives to offer career opportunities to cyber professionals just starting their careers and to cultivate those careers with skill building, training, and experience to lead to personal and professional growth. Our goal is to help cyber professionals grow within the company and learn the skills most interesting to them. Our interns are exemplary examples of this model and have shown an amazing drive to learn and practice in a real-world setting.”

The interns took on their responsibilities with enthusiasm and learned valuable skills while working alongside security professionals who have been in the industry for years.

“I’ve learned a lot about security best practices and how you’re never truly as secure as you think you are,” noted Deyton.

Bashaa’ir shared this sentiment, offering her gratitude for the opportunity to have “real-world experience in cybersecurity with people who share the same passion.”

As part of the internship, each student has been paired with an experienced mentor, who has taken the time to work with their assigned intern individually.

“What I have enjoyed most about my internship at GRA Quantum is meeting all the great people in the company,” said Jesse. “I’ve been set up with my mentor and am very excited to continue with that relationship.”

The interns all agree that this experience has confirmed their interest in the cybersecurity industry.  They’re excited for the career path they’ve chosen, and we’re excited to have been a part of that decision.

“I have learned that the pursuit of knowledge is never over,” offered Trystan. “And, while that can be daunting, it can also be enjoyable.”

We wish the best of luck to this group of interns as they continue to grow in their careers.