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By February 20, 2016

From small risks like mobile device security to greater threats like third-party compliance or complex attacks, we are positioned to help keep any volume or type of electronic transaction secure.

Keep your transactions secure and your defenses up to task.

Any given day sees hundreds of billions of digital financial transactions taking place around the world. With the constant movement of such a wealth of valuable data comes a plethora of security challenges. The safety of this data relies not only on the firm in question, but on everyone that firm does business with as well. Knowing how to protect oneself while working with third parties is of penultimate concern. Firms must ensure their defenses are positioned to thwart outright attacks by increasingly sophisticated criminals, both domestically and abroad. To do this financial services firms need a partner to turn to who can help them protect against every threat vector. At GRA Quantum, we put in the work to stay ahead of your attackers while offering you a superior partnership experience, ensuring you remain protected—always.

Assisting a world-leading credit card provider recover from a covert malware breach

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We’re proud to say we’ve created a safer future for our clients. But, don’t take our word for it.


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