Keep patients and research safe as we march further into the digital age.

Theft of medical records has been shown to be far more lucrative than theft of banking or credit card information, yielding returns to criminals in multiples of tens or hundreds. In addition to skilled thieves, improper use of apps and email encryption security also pose big threats to patient records. On top of it all, a new and potentially more lethal threat is emerging. Connected and interconnected devices such as pacemakers and insulin pumps are now as vulnerable to cyberattacks as laptops or mobile phones. Manufacturers and caretakers need to make sure medical devices remain secure, as the life or death of their customers hangs in the balance. Medical research is also at risk, with the drug industry consistently atop the list of the world’s most profitable businesses. Letting a competitor or malicious actor steal years of progress can quickly turn a company’s roaring success into ruin. Fortunately, GRA Quantum is here to work with you through any cybersecurity challenge that you may face.


GRA Quantum provides a range of services addressing every need of those seeking to construct comprehensive information security strategies.

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