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Intern Day Summer 2016

By June 21, 2016 Company News

Earlier this month GRA Quantum welcomed a new group of interns to its Washington and New York offices. This past week, our interns from both offices had the opportunity to meet in our nation’s capital and participate in a GRA Quantum tradition: a day spent learning a little more about each other and exploring the company’s core values of perseverance, innovation, teamwork, and integrity.

The day kicked off with the New York interns, Holly and Lindsay, traveling to the DC office where, over a wonderful lunch, they were welcomed by and got to know the DC office staff.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to make lifelong connections. This office is truly a family.” Holly Neshat, NY Intern

The five interns then set off to explore the National Geographic Museum. The interns were able to reflect on company values as they learned about the Ancient Greeks persevering against the odds over the ages and how they innovated some of the world’s most enduring ideas and institutions.


 “It’s incredible how many talented people have been a part of the GRA Quantum legacy. It’s inspiring to see all these positive, motivated professionals working towards one goal.” Roma Sonik, DC Intern


“I learned a lot about myself and everyone in the office. I don’t think there is a substitution to such teamwork in getting to know each other. I came out of that experience ready to tackle future challenges with my fellow interns.” Lindsay Brandt, NY Intern

After a sweet frozen yogurt treat and incredible view of the White House, both enjoyed on the luscious green lawn of Lafayette Park, the team then set off to engage in a 1930s-themed escape room. There, collaboration was key to solving a series of puzzles leading to the hidden photographs of a notorious “mobster” before the arrival of the “police.”

“I feel that intern day helped me gain a valuable understanding of GRAQ as a company and its core values. After spending time with the New York interns, I feel that I can greater appreciate the work dynamic of GRAQ.” Caitlin Stephenson, DC Intern


 After an eventful day of activities, the GRA Quantum team had the opportunity to sit back and reflect on the adventures of the day at Lincoln restaurant, an establishment dedicated to our sixteenth president and champion of national unity and reconciliation.

“It was exciting to meet our peers from Manhattan and work as a team. I can’t wait to continue in this spirit when we visit the NY office.” Dana Mann, DC Intern
GRA Quantum is proud to welcome the summer 2016 interns. We expect to see them do impressive things as they build their networks and skills. We are excited to see the great work that will undoubtedly come from these young professionals as we move forward.