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Demand More than 'Scan-and-canned' reports—your 2018 Security Strategy Depends On It.

Penetration tests are one of the foundational layers to comprehensive security and selecting a vendor shouldn’t be taken lightly. Build a strong 2018 security strategy with a vendor that offers a comprehensive penetration test tailored for your business.

Not All Penetration Tests are Created Equal

Another canned pen test engagement from another cookie cutter vendor may get the job done, but only when the job is checking off a box. If you’re looking for a penetration test vendor that will work as hard as your adversaries at discovering your vulnerabilities, you need to do your due diligence in selecting the right vendor.

Our practical guide leads you through the process to understand:

  • What distinguishes quality penetration testing from simple vulnerability scanning
  • What to expect in the quality and output of your test
  • How to narrow down pen test service provider options

Penetration Testing: A Practical Guide for Selecting a Vendor

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