The Enterprise Cybersecurity Strategy is our comprehensive approach to information security. It reflects our underlying philosophy that effective security requires consideration of both the human and technical elements of an organization – its people, processes, networks, and machines. Accordingly, we strongly believe that truly effective cybersecurity cannot be provided by any single off-the-shelf product. We reject the notion that the best approach to security is to hide sensitive data behind high, impenetrable walls.

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Instead, we endorse a proactive and comprehensive approach to cybersecurity. Rather than building high walls to keep out every conceivable danger, our approach calls for defenses to be intelligently designed to address the unique spectrum of threats each client faces. Rather than wait for an attack to come in order to assess the strength of security measures, we favor pushing back the threat frontier using prescient threat intelligence and state-of-the- art predictive technologies. We do not support the siloing of cybersecurity responsibility into the hands of the IT department. Instead, we endorse the practice of companies fostering cultures of cybersecurity awareness among all of their employees. In that same vein, we strongly believe that a company’s executive team must always be actively involved in the planning and maintenance of its cybersecurity strategy.

Our strategy adheres to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework’s best practices approach to identify and mitigate cybersecurity risk. Our services, therefore, are arranged into four service categories that address each phase of the cyber risk cycle: Vulnerability Management, Secure Communications, Cyber Risk Advisory, and Incident Response. Collectively, these service categories represent a comprehensive pathway for organizations to build safer networks, regardless of size, threat exposure, or level of cybersecurity sophistication. In keeping with our philosophy of a bespoke and partnership-based approach to cybersecurity, they are meant to be selected individually, and therefore are customizable to the unique needs of a client. Each can be performed continuously and concurrently with any other service in whatever manner best suits the client.

Our approach has helped numerous clients in a range of different sectors secure their networks and their bottom lines. We are eager for our next success story to be yours. Don’t let uncertainty worry you a day longer, contact us today to start building a safer tomorrow.



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