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Stay productive —and protected.

Share ideas and data without fear of theft or interception.

Secure Communications Platform

Keep Conversations Confidential.

Your data is vulnerable inside and outside the office walls, and especially in transit. But, communication is key to productivity and workforce efficiency. Don’t let privacy concerns slow down your ability to get work done. We offer a platform with end-to-end encryption, a zero-knowledge system and default ephemerality, including a secure mobile app.

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“Encryption is a necessary part of data security, and strong encryption is a good thing.” -Ash Carter, Secretary, Department of Defense

Securing the Oceans, the Internet, and Space: Protecting the Domains that Drive Prosperity. 2016.

We’re proud to say we’ve created a safer future for our clients. But, don’t take our word for it.


Suspect a leak, a threat, or an undiscovered breach?