Incident Response

We react quickly to every emergency, minimizing damage and empowering recovery.

We aim to provide our clients with world-class security from the very start. However, we are also fully prepared to enter the process even after an attack has occurred. GRA Quantum employs a staff of talented incident responders, well-seasoned in crisis management and resolution. Our experts use rigorous assessment techniques to quickly contain the effects of a cyberattack, minimizing losses from the moment we arrive. We have the skills and tools to reverse engineer the root-causes of attacks, assess the impact of exploits, and detect patterns and methods used to create malware. Once the emergency is over, our team immediately moves to work closely with the client to devise a comprehensive incident response plan geared toward data recovery, forensic analysis, and full remediation. We follow up with extensive security audits that generate new plans and protocols in order to protect against similar exploits in the future.


Our technicians and staff have worked successfully with representatives from a wide range of industries. While our experiences have centered on firms in the legal, healthcare, and financial sectors, our tools and methods can be universally applied to help build effective strategies for any business.

Build a safer tomorrow.

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