Vulnerability Management

Pinpoint the holes in your security to start building a stronger network.

A core belief of GRA Quantum is that to be truly effective, comprehensive information security requires a proactive mentality. Organizations must actively seek to find vulnerabilities in their security policies and technologies, and continuously stay informed of emerging threats in order to stay safe. Our suite of threat and vulnerability management services are designed to help our clients accomplish this objective. Ranging from automated scans for security holes to simulated network and social engineering attacks, these services aim to help clients identify, classify, remediate, and mitigate vulnerabilities in their security. Our experts work with our clients through every stage of the threat assessment process, from the initial consultation to the detailed reporting of all weaknesses found. We meticulously generate all of our reports in a manner that is simple to read, and that concisely summarizes the nature of each threat accordingly to its level of severity, and always include recommendations on how to best resolve any issues reported on.


Our technicians and staff have worked successfully with representatives from a wide range of industries. While our experiences have centered on firms in the legal, healthcare, and financial sectors, our tools and methods can be universally applied to help build effective strategies for any business.

Build a safer tomorrow.

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